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For Wood

  • 150H Compass saw

    For cutting holes, slots, etc. Plastic handle. Extra thick blade for increased stability. Universal toothing 7 teeth/inch. Hardpoint finish.

    Art. no Length (mm) Length (inches)
    150H12 300 12
  • 265 Pull saw

    Cuts on pull stroke. Rubber grip for secure grip. Thickness of blade 0,6mm. 16 teeth per 30mm.

    Art. no Length (mm) Packing
    265 265 10-pack
  • 390 Pull saw

    Double-toothed, with one cross-cut toothing with 15 teeth per inch and one progressive toothing for split sawing. Blade thickness 0,50mm.

    Art. no Length (mm) Packing
    390 240 10-pack
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