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For Metal

  • 10 Hack saw

    of durable, compact construction. Comfortable handle made of impact resistant ABS-plastic. Blade can be adjusted to 4 different positions at 90° intervals. Assembled with carbon steel blade.

    Art. no Length (mm) Length (inches) Packing
    10 300 12 10-pack
  • 12 Hack saw with 2 blades

    A combination saw for both wood and metal. The saw is supplied with our wooden blade no G10H and with a Bi-metal hack saw blade. The blades can be adjusted at any angle to allow cutting in narrow spaces.

    Art. no Length (mm) Length (inches) Packing
    12 300 12 10-pack
  • 3000 Hack saw

    Professional hack saw with soft-grip. Supplied with Bi-metal blade 3003-3024.

    Art. no Length (mm) Length (inches) Packing
    3000-01GM 300 12 5-pack
  • 3000-10 Junior hack saw

    Junior hacksaw frame.

    Art. no Packing
    3000-10 1-pack
  • 3000-12 Junior hacksaw frame

    Frame for junior hacksaw blades.

    Art. no Packing
    3000-12 1-pack
  • 3011 Junior hack saw blades

    Junior hack saw blades, carbon steel.

    Art. no Dimensions (mm) Packing
    3011-1532-010GM 150x6x0.5 10-pack/100-pack
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