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Our Premium line offers 9 hand saws of an excellent quality. The saws come with our new ergonomic soft grip handle. Three models have a special type of toothing (JP) with 3 cutting edges. In this line of saws you will also find special saws for cutting laminate, PVC and insulation materials.

  • 152H Hand saw Premium – Plastic

    Ideal for cutting pvc pipes and other plastic materials.

    Art. no Length (mm) Length (inches) Packing
    152H20 PLASTIC 500 20 10-pack
  • 153H Hand saw Premium – Tenon

    Very fine toothing for use in mitre boxes and for other precision jobs. Extra thin and wide blade for an accurate cut. Aluminium alloyed back and our comfortable plastic handle. Straight toothing 13 teeth/inch. Hardpoint finish.

    Art. no Length (mm) Length (inches) Packing
    153H12 300 12 10-pack
    153H14 350 14 10-pack
  • 158H Hand saw Premium – Veneer

    Sawing of plywood, veneer etc. Extra thin and wide blade for accurate cut. Hardpoint blade with curved, toothed front-end. Straight toothing 13 teeth/inch.

    Art. no Length (mm) Length (inches) Packing
    158H 320 12,5 10-pack
  • 222H Hand saw Nature

    Our universal toothed (U7) 22”-550 mm hand saw with bio-composite handle.The handle is made from almost
    100% bio-based materials (wood fibers and bio-based plastic). Despite the fact it contains natural fibers, it has the same properties as polystyrene which is a fossil-based material.By using the bio-composites we will reduce the carbon footprint with 65% compared to our polystyrene handles.
    The wood fibers in the bio-composite material comes
    from sustainable forest industries and are certified.
    One other advantage, the bio-composite material is
    much easier to recycle than polystyrene and of course
    it complies with the requirements of REACH.

    Then it smells good/wood too.

    Art. no Length (mm) Length (inches) Packing
    222H22U7NA NATURE 550 22 10-pack
  • 222H Hand saw Premium – Allrounder

    Available with two types of double-ground toothings. Universal toothing (U7) for both cross-cutting and rip cutting- Ideal as an all-purpose saw. Alternatively with straight toothing (R7) for fast cross cutting.


    Art. no Length (mm) Length (inches) Packing
    222H22R7 550 22 10-pack
    222H22U7 550 22 10-pack
  • 229H Hand saw Premium – Rapid

    A traditional hand saw, but with the same super toothing (JP) as our black saw, i.e. with 3 cutting edges and our special setting. Available with two types of toothings, 11 teeth per inch and 9 teeth per inch.


    Art. noLength (mm)Length (inches)Packing
  • 252H Hand saw Premium – Laminate

    Special saw for cutting wood and laminate floors. With our double ground universal toothing.

    Art. no Length (mm) Length (inches) Packing
    252H18 450 18 10-pack
  • 255H Hand saw Premium – Insulation

    Sawing insulation material, mineral wool. Wave formed edge. Hardpoint finish.

    Art. no Length (mm) Length (inches) Packing
    255H22WA 550 22 10-pack
  • 260H Hand saw Premium – Board

    Specially group-toothed saw, ideal for cutting chipboard, block board and other hard board materials.

    Art. no Length (mm) Length (inches) Packing
    260H18 450 18 10-pack
    260H24 600 24 10-pack
  • 275H Hand saw Premium – Toolbox saw

    15 inch, R13 toothing for dry wood, medium cutting. Supplied with a 2-component plastic handle.

    Art. no Length (mm) Length (inches) Packing
    275H15 380 15 10-pack
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