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The company is a producer of saws and saw blades which are being distributed on the world market.  Main raw materials in the process are strip steel for different saw blades as well as plastic and wood for handles.  Oil and other chemical substances are also being used in the production process. Electricity, heat and transportation are other factors that have environmental influence.

To reduce the waste of raw material and energy consumption is an important
factor in the environmental work at the company.  The ambition shall also be to prevent outlets and reduce risks for accidents. It is also important to make sure that damages can be  limited as much as possible in the unlucky event that an environmental accident should  occur.

Laws and regulations are to be followed. A yearly environmental program will be established showing  improvement ambitions. It is important that the existing plans are being followed and constantly  improved.

G-Man Tool´s  goal is to become a company where all collaborators should feel responsible for the environment in which we are all living.  A friendly environmental work  will not only benefit ourselves, but also the company and its customers.


Edsbyn  June  4.6.1999

G-Man Tools AB

Kjell Bäckström

REACH Certificate of Compliance

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